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Version 1.1.0

This is my first extension plugin. It allows CopyActor plugin to generate diferent actors based in one, rather than copying the same over. This add-on helps a lot with stuff like mercenary systems in games, where you hire a mercenary with one class but different stats than the rest. It also works as a make-do iv system.

Remember you need CopyActor to make it work! It's included in the demo, though!

    - Found a couple of possible bugs and cleaned them
    - Now the plugin accepts game variables, just add any letter to the command, for example: O9 will check variable number 9. This is accepted both in IDs and stats.
    - Now the plugin accepts percentajes, just add a % symbol into the number, for example, 30% min hp will check the original actor's Max HP, and consider it the lowest. You can mix this with a ingame variable, for example, J4% will check variable number 4, and use it as a percentage of that stat.
    - Added one more command to generate with customs parameters, which doesn' t default to 0, but to the plugin parameters.


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