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A plugin to return to where you teleported from.


- Teleport to dynamic dungeons being able to teleport back to the entrance!
- Make "Castle in a bottle" items and events like FE: Fates "My castle"!


In many videogames, there's a hub world you can return just almost at any time then go back to where you were. Some let you place camps and rest... others have a small town you grow up over time... and many have dungeons like Mystery Dungeon (Not pokémon ones, though) games, warp you into a random place in the dungeon, then you find the exit to the place where you were before entering. Also, Animal crossing games, set houses in random places but still you walk out from the same spot you went in!

Most of it is doable with default rpg maker editors, but you need to use a lot of variables and keep them sorted in order to be able to return to where you were before, and keeping a parallel process checking the player position can be laggy in some devices!

That's what my plugin is for. You only need to use it instead transfer player when you want it the spot be saved for when the player goes out!


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