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I had made a plugin to answer a request where one actor could equip another as a item. Now I am adapting my plugins to MZ.


- Equip one actor (item) to another.
- Inherit some of the skills learnt by the item actor

How to Use

In order to make it work, just place <equipActor: x> on any armor or weapon where x is the actorId in the database. Then, equip this item to another different actor while x is on the party. X will leave party and you will equip the item. X will join back when you unequip this item.

You may also use <equipActor: x y> instead, y will be a normal variable to enable so you can check if this equipment is being used, for example, a different y if it's a weapon or a shield.

In order to assign what skills can be inherited or not, you just need to use the <ME_InheritableSkills: X> or <ME_InheritableSkills: X, Y, Z> notetags on the actors, replacing X, Y, Z (you can set any ammount of them), with the skills id. If they learn the skill from any source, even equiping other actors, they will be able to pass them down to whoever equips them!

To install, it's the same as other plugins, place it on your project's folder/js/plugins, then link it in the plugin manager.

Terms of use


- Free to use as in money.

- Feel free to modify to redistribute it.

- This plugin comes as is, with no guarantees.

- I'll try to give support about it, but I can't say I will do it for sure.

Non Commercial:

- No credit required unless you modify it then credit yourself, in other words, no claiming as your own!


- Give credit me as the author of this plugin, I don't mind if you do so in some scene or some easter egg.

- Report any bugs, incompatibilities and issues with this plugin to me, even if you have someone else fixing them. (RPG Maker Forums, through thread or private message, or github)

Terms of redistribution and disambiguation

- You must include a link to the original RPG Maker Forums Post plugin.

- You can add terms to it, but you can't remove or modify the ones already existent.

- You must follow GPL 3.0.


Q: Can I add this tag to every equipable thing?

A: As long as in vanilla it's equipable, yes. You just add the notetag on the weapon, armor, accesory...

Q: What if I have multiple items with the same actor?

A: Your actor will disappear once any of them is equiped, and reappear when any of them is unequiped. Since your actor won't be in party, once you equip the first, you won't be able to equip the second.

Q: Can I equip one actor equiped with an actor? Do buffs stack?

A: Yes you can equip actors equiped with actors to other actors. Buff and stacks are predefined in the editor, so they don't stack.


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